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Now Ain’t The Time For Your Tears

Posted by neonangels on June 22, 2009

Transvision Vamp emerged in the late Eighties and mixed pop-punk with pop culture, managing to be self-consciously trashy and musically powerful simultaneously. Frontwoman Wendy James was the perfect pop goddess, but seemed to have little time for the idiots in the media – I recall her being barely able to contain her contempt for Radio 1 clowns like Gary Davies and Bruno Brookes in interviews. It probably didn’t help her career in the long term, and despite several hit singles and a number one album, their label refused to release the third TV album in the UK, effectively killing the band.

After TV imploded, Wendy recorded a solo album, written for her by Elvis Costello. The songs he wrote for her are cynical, bitter and moody – exactly what you might have expected from someone who had a glittering career snatched away. It’s a great album, but failed to sell and Wendy disappeared from public view.

More recently though, she has re-emerged as Racine – this time writing the songs, owning the label and being pretty self-sufficient.


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